The MG-1000 series V2 Small Form-Factor (SFP) Pluggable Gigabit Modules serve the purpose of extending network transfer distances. Attached to Edimax switches, the modules have the ability to extend distances to several kilometers or even tens of kilometers based on network demand, which in turn lowers costs. The MG-1000 series V2 SFP modules are also compatible with a large range of Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for enterprise, data center and service provider applications. PRODUCT INFORMATION - Model: MG-1000AMA V2 - Number Wavelength: 850 nm - Connector Type: LC - Media: MMF - Power (dBm): -3 to -10 - Sensitivity: -20 dBm - Power Budget: 10.0 dB - Distance: 550m - Application: Multi-Mode Fiber